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More than just a dinner. Going there for a short time, eating and leaving again is not possible here. The "Heimeli" is more. It is an experience for the whole family and the way there is an essential part. 

Since at least 1907, the Heimeli has been an inn in the Grisons mountains, more precisely in Sapün. Sapün is the name giver for a high valley and an old Valser settlement on the ground, which for a long time belonged to the community of Langwies - but today to the large community of Arosa. From Arosa you can reach Langwies by train or cab, from where you can enjoy a wonderful hike into the remote valley.

No matter if summer or winter. No matter whether it is daylight or moonlight and winter conditions; one thing always remains the same: when you enter the wonderful parlor, where you are warmly welcomed, you forget everything else. You are transported back to another time and enjoy the cosy warmth of the stove. The low ceilings, the warm wood and the perfect coordination of all other materials let you dive into another age. After the ascent, it is time to eat properly. Amazing what there is to enjoy at the back of the valley. Culinary delights from the region, interpreted both traditionally and modernly, and the best wines from the Bündner Herrschaft reward the ascent to the old Valsersiedlung. And while the wood crackles in the oven, you can enjoy a little more; of everything. One no longer wants to leave this wonderful place. And you don't have to, as long as you have reserved your room in advance.

And if not, it's back to the valley. Quickly with a sledge from Arosa, which you can borrow from the top. Gliding on two runners towards Langwies in the light of the full moon is pure happiness. 

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