Medical Floatation therapy

Relax & Recharge

"Floating" - weightless floating in healing magnesium sulphate brine - is a highly efficient method of deep relaxation and recuperation and relaxation of body and mind. The high density of the body-warm (35.4 °C corresponds to our body's external temperature) brine enables us to experience a state of weightlessness and a pervasive relaxation and relief of all joints, tendons and muscles. 
We simply let go of everything and feel at ease at the same time. A lasting experience that can significantly build up and increase our quality of life!

Floatation therapy is available to you alone or as a couple privately for 60 minutes. Through targeted reduction of irritation and absence of disturbing impulses, our brain and nervous system can revitalize in a very short time in the quiet and light-dampened room. Reservation essential. Please contact our Wellness Team.


Prices for our hotel guests:

CHF 90.–  for 1 person
CHF 130.–   for 2 persons

Prices for external guests:

CHF 110.–  for 1 person
CHF 150.–   for 2 persons


External guest are welcome at BelArosa Wellness. However, in order to maintain a high quality experience we limit admittance.

Prior reservation is required.


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