Traditional and
special massages


Traditional full body massage

The classic among massages. It relieves muscle tension and blockages, promotes blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and provides energy.

50 mins.   CHF 120.–

Back & neck massage

A lot of time and concentration for your back and neck. The professional massage hands relieve tension, relieve headaches or migraines and relax the vegetative nervous system.

25 mins.   CHF 80.–
50 mins.   CHF 130.–

Back and foot treatment

A unique combination that focuses on two very important parts of the body that deserve this attention.

50 mins.   CHF 130.–

Lymphatic drainage

Part of a complex physical decongestive therapy for the treatment of lymphedema.

50 mins.   CHF 130.–

Sports massage

Addresses the needs of sports people in particular.

50 mins.   CHF 130.–

Aroma oil massage

The wonderful essential oils pass through the skin and develop their healing properties. Inhaled through the nose, they have a direct effect on the Limbic system and thus develop their healing properties.
50 mins.   CHF 130.–
80 mins.   CHF 180.–

BelArosa special stone treatment

Treatment and healing with warm stones have been developed independently by each other by indigenous people on all continents of the world. The warmth from the stones donates Primordial energy from the depths of our earth. This energy gives us new life force and an inner balance at the same time, what makes managing the hectic pace of everyday life noticeably better. In addition to the traditional basalt stones made from volcanic earth we also use stones from Arosa. They give us additional energy coming from our local mountains. 

50 mins.   CHF 140.–

BelArosa honey massage

The wonderful characteristics of honey come fully out in our Honey massage. Honey contains phenols, which have an antioxidant effect. This means that free radicals, which have an essential influence on skin aging, are neutralized. Due to the high sugar content, honey removes water from the bacteria and thus their livelihood. This antibacterial effect is especially great on impure, easily inflamed skin. In order for honey to develop its full effect, it must not be heated above 38°C. We only use swiss organic honey.

30 mins.   CHF 85.–



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