Whole body masks

AHAVA combi

Sea mud mask (whole body) with peeling & finishing treatment

A gentle butter-salt peeling enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea prepares the body for the treatment. You can enjoy the subsequent detoxifying sea mud mask while you relax on the warm softpack lounger. You will then receive a pampering AHAVA treatment for silky smooth skin.

90 mins.   CHF 130.–

Whole body mask

Sea mud, herbal mask, AHAVA cream-mask, Rasual mask

30 mins.   CHF 65.–

Whole body detoxifying/tautening

Whole body peeling, detoxification with Skinfirm gel, whole body massage with body oil, Mineral Mask whole body mask, finishing treatment

100 mins.   CHF 170.–

Whole body peeling

25 mins.   CHF 60.–

Body Detox®

The Body Detox® electrolysis foot bath offers a completely new approach for intensive and sustainable de-acidification, detoxifying and purification. The Body Detox® system stimulates the body's drainage by physical means via its own systems (lymph, blood circulation) and organs (kidney, lung, bowel and skin) and therefore enables it to neutralise and flush out harmful substances.

30 mins.   CHF 60.– 

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