Treatments for body
and mind.


Health includes physical, mental and emotional well-being. If this becomes imbalanced, for example through stress or fear, a person's flow of energy becomes blocked.  The muscle test (= energy measuring instrument) is used to identify these blockades.
Area of application: Stress, feeling unwell, headaches, general pain, movement/posture/sport, learning difficulties, allergies etc. Several sessions are recommended.

60 mins.   CHF 120.–

Cranio-sacral therapy

During treatment the therapist tries to release the blockages through specific, gentle pressure techniques on the cranial bone and sacral bone. This treatment is successful for headaches, migraines, insomnia, traumas, physical tiredness and all symptoms associated with the nervous system.

50 mins.   CHF 100.–


A very relaxing treatment which balances out your energy. By placing hands on your head and body, the universal energy of life is transferred to the client and this awakens the body's own healing forces.

50 mins.   CHF 100.– 

Facial Harmony Balancing

This treatment is carried out on the face, neck and cleavage area. The special finger techniques and specific form of treatment release stress-related blockages of the vital forces.  Internal and external tensions are released gently.

50 mins.   CHF 100.–

Kybertron Delta

«Life is oscillation»
With the Kybertron Delta you will soon recognise bio-energy blockages. You will receive a unique, in-depth analysis of physical, emotional and psychosomatic backgrounds: This means you tackle the cause directly.
You can promote health with the subsequent balancing and support personal development.

50 mins.   CHF 100.–

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