Treat yourself to brilliant men's skin....

Pollution Defense for men


The Pollution Defense Detox & Antistress treatment with the Pollution Defense products have a detox effect on men's skin. The
Detoxifying active ingredients with the special AutophaCell® complex in high concentrations have the properties to activate the natural and skin's own detoxification process and to protect the skin from environmental pollution and stress factors. The skin is strengthened and optimally balanced.
The natural skin barrier function and the defense function are strengthened and the complexion refined. The skin feels firmer, fuller and fresher. For stressed and environmentally stressed skin from the sun, cold and sports activities. The result is radiant men's skin.


Pollution Defens Detox - Express

30 Min.         CHF 95.–

Prevent, Detox & Protect

Pollution Defense Detox & Antistress 

60 Min           CHF 135.-

Antistress & Detox acupressure massage, mask and ultrasound

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Cosmetic foot care

60 Min      CHF 75.-


45 Min      CHF 65.-

Hair removal chest or back

30 Min      CHF 65.-

Hair removal arms

25 Min      CHF 40.-

Hair removal whole legs

60 Min      CHF 95.-

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