Traditional and
special massages

Traditional massages


Traditional full body massage

Absolute relaxation and feeling of well-being for the whole body. The massage releases tensions, relaxes muscles and gives new energy and vitality.

50 mins.   CHF 110.–
70 mins.   CHF 140.–

Back & neck massage

Pleasant relaxation through targeted work on the back, shoulder and neck.

25 mins.   CHF 70.–
40 mins.   CHF 95.–

Reflexology massage

This unique pressure point massage targets and activates individual points on the feet, which are connected to the body's internal organs through nerve pathways. Has an extremely relaxing effect, reduces stress and promotes the flow of energy.

40 mins.   CHF 85.–

Combi (back massage & reflexology)

This special combination between reflexology and back massage promotes well-being and relaxation.

50 mins.   CHF 110–
70 mins.   CHF 140.–

Breuss massage

A treatment, which is popular for spinal disc problems. Tense back muscles often lead to pain in the small of the back, lumbar or thoracic vertebrae regions. The tensions can be released through stretching and magnetising.

40 mins.   CHF 100.–


Special massages


Obsidiana Indigena energy massage

In this Indian treatment obsidian was used to heal wounds and relieve pain. The stones have the ability to release energy blockages. This ancient treatment from Mexico helps to bring the body, mind and spirit back into harmony. The flow of energy is stimulated and a pleasant feeling of relaxation flows through the whole body by placing heated stones and through massage along the meridians of the entire body.

80 mins.   CHF 150.–

Tibetan energy massage

Particularly gentle and relaxing back massage using Tibetan singing bowls and chakra oils.
40 mins.   CHF 100.–

Singing bowl massage

Hear in the sound of stillness. Pleasant, healing oscillations for body and mind. Tension and blockages are released through vibrations and self-healing is stimulated.

40 mins.   CHF 100.–

Body Candle Dream

A new natural body ritual to pamper and relax. The first cosmetic massage candle with Shea butter makes your skin glow. Let your body feel this pleasant, warm atmosphere and experience how the soft, fluid butter flows over your body and warms it up.

50 mins.   CHF 120.–

«Wave Motion» energy & aroma massage

Pure plant and highly effective essential oils form the basis for this unusual whole body massage. This is how you give your body relaxation, a feeling of well-being and body pampering.

50 mins.   CHF 120.–

«Chakra» balancing massage with colours

Soft massaging with coloured oils and irradiating of all chakras to restore the balance of body and soul.

50 mins.   CHF 120.–

Ayurveda massages



Abhyanga - «open up to the world and show your love»
A whole body, head and face massage with deep cleansing of body and mind.

80 mins.   CHF 150.–


Pristabhyanga - «the Ayurvedic back massage with follow-on herbal mask»

40 mins.   CHF 100.–


Padabhyanga - «I go my own way»
The foot and leg massage with delicate hand movements has a stimulating effect on all the organs and balances out an anxious mind.

40 mins.   CHF 100.–


Mukabhyanga - «show your true face»
The head, face and neck massage, which will relax, rejuvenate and make you glow. To be admired and admire has made humans in every culture alchemists of sensuality.

40 mins.   CHF 100.–

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