Our beloved squirrels have received big and strong company. Since February 2019 Amelia & Meimo and since May 2022 also Jamila & Sam life in Arosa Bärenland.

The two former restaurant bears Meimo and Amelia have found their new home in Arosa Bärenland since February 2019. In May 2022, they were joined by siblings Jamila and Sam, who until then had lived in a zoo in Skopje.

Online, there are many cute videos to see as they explore their big and new empire.

The Bärenland is also open in winter. Although the bears then go into winter hibernation, the exhibition and visitor platform are open on Thursday afternoon and employees are available for first-hand information.

Opening hours and current information about Meimo and Amelia: arosabaerenland.ch

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