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1. General:

Scope of these conditions of use.

The following general conditions of use apply in respect of all use of the Hotel BelArosa website (referred to as "Website" in the following).


2. The Website is not a substitute for the Hotel BelArosa

The Website is solely a technical instrument to make it easier for visitors to the Website (customers) to find information.


3. Reservation

Filling out an online reservation form on this Website does not imply confirmation of the reservation. Your reservation is not finalised until you receive confirmation of the booking from Hotel BelArosa.


4. Conditions of use of this Website

a) Exclusion of warranty

The Hotel BelArosa shall do everything in its power to maintain the operation of this Website as far as possible without interruptions and develop it in line with the requirements of users. However, the Hotel BelArosa gives no guarantee for the up-to-date nature, correctness, completeness or accuracy of the information provided. The Hotel BelArosa explicitly reserves the right to amend, modify or delete part or all of the Website without notice.


b) Intellectual property

Visitors to this Website (customers) shall not acquire any rights to the protected trademarks or other immaterial rights of the Hotel BelArosa through use of the Website.


c) Liability

Liability claims against the Hotel BelArosa relating to material or immaterial loss or damage caused by use of the information supplied or by inability to access the Website are fundamentally excluded.


5. Data privacy

The Hotel BelArosa is aware that it is important you know what happens with your data. We thank you for your trust in us and shall treat any data we receive with care and sensitivity.

Data that you send us is used solely to respond to your queries, improve our Website or communicate with you. All automated information that we receive and store (e.g. the IP number of your server) is used solely for internal company purposes. We do not use cookies. We also do not require you to give personal details to be able to download data. We give our assurance that all data we receive will not under any circumstances be forwarded to third parties.


6. Web design and programming

This Website was designed by Webstobe GmbH (www.webstobe.ch ). The copyright for the Website in terms of its design and programming is the property of Webstobe GmbH, Unteres Ziel 3, 9050 Appenzell, Switzerland.


7. Changes to these conditions of use

Any changes to these conditions of use shall be publicised and shall come into force when posted on the Website.


8. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

  • National Swiss law shall apply exclusively. The terms of the IPRG (International Private Law Act) are not applicable.
  • In the event of disputes arising from this Agreement, the courts of law of CH-7050 Arosa shall have exclusive jurisdiction.



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